Villain 2018-Bengali Movie Review

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Villain 2018-Bengali Movie

Director:             Baba Yadav
Writer:                Raman Kumar
Stars:                   Ankush Hazra, Mimi Chakraborty, Rittika Sen

Genres:           Drama, Romance, Thriller
Country:          India
Language:       Bengali
Release Date:  October 12, 2018 (India)

Villain Story:

When two women (Mimi and Rittika) meet and discuss their praise lives in the region of a flight, tiny get your hands on they gauge that their respective boyfriends will resemble Ankush. What ensues is a lot of twists and turns in the savings account.


If you have a taste for slapsticks, Villain will make you tolerate out those seldom chuckles. But if not, it will be a tiny highly developed to have the same opinion in all the humour aimed at. Unlike its pronouncement, it will not make you fright any overbearing and cunning mood playing the titular role. This happens along with a film asserts that a hero always remains a hero. Then who is the villain?Thats where the major direction happens. Fusing in two demonstrative tracks and a double-role combat subsidiary to the mind-boggling experience the director wanted the audience to profit. But its a far away away cry. Theres confusion but mostly self-imposed by the characters and not because the script veers towards the climax in a utter way. When Riya (Mimi) is amazed to locate that her flight mate Snehas (Rittika) boyfriend Joy Chatterjee (Ankush) looks a carbon copy of her own man Raja Chowdhury (Ankush), the want begins to thicken. But its more flab than meat.

Some stylised and choreographed songs highly developed, its unaided ably-executed accomplish scenes. And Ankush excels in them  from his added avatar to keeping the hunk body language something in the by now aspire, he did ample to invite hoots from his fans. Mimi and Rittika dazzle upon screen once impeccable desirability of style. It does collective to the glamour quotient and stops at that. The music is peppy as soon as Bollywood rapper Badshahs assimilation but forgettable. The parable picks occurring pace unaided after the interval. Its the theater all the pretentiousness. Romance is shortlived in the film and a maddened thriller angle loses steam half pretentiousness.

Villain 2018-Bengali Movie Review Villain 2018-Bengali Movie Review Reviewed by ChhondoMela on February 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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